Odor Removal + Ozone Treatment


Have you noticed a foul odor lingering in your home? Is it getting to the point where you are contemplating whether you should actually leave the premises of your home? Then you need to do something about it – call Affordable Chimney and Duct today! We remove the following odors from your home:

  • Fire/tobacco smoke.
  • Foul cooking smells (grease, curry odors, etc.).
  • Water/flood damage.
  • Spoiled foods.
  • Pet urine/dead animal odors.
  • Sewage leaks.
  • Mold/mildew.
  • Odors stemming from bacteria/fungus.
  • Fuel spills.
  • Extreme body odors.
  • In short – if it stinks, we’ll remove the stench!
  • Those terrible odors you smell? They don’t just stink – they are also harmful to your health! Most odors are caused by viruses and bacteria, along with dangerous compounds that may have a negative impact on your health!

    Do not put your family’s well-being at risk! Instead, call Affordable Chimney and Duct. Using industry-leading tools and techniques, we will remove any odor that infiltrates your home. Once we are done, your home will have never smelt better!

    Affordable Chimney and Duct is so committed to removing all foul odors from your home, that we also provide ozone treatments using our trusted ozone generator. What’s so special about it? Find out for yourself:

  • Our ozone generator creates an extreme level of ozone in your home.
  • This will remove every odor negatively affecting your home.
  • Within one hour, the treatment will be complete.
  • The best part? This process is affective and inexpensive!
  • When you need those unwanted odors removed, give Affordable Chimney and Duct a call today and let us remove them once and for all!